Baby Puke: Always a Fun Way to Start the Day

So I was rolling out of bed this morning for the second time (the first was to bring Simon to Kate so he could nurse), and Kate was playing with Simon on her belly. She had just finished feeding him, and was looking at him admiring how cute he was. And he, in turn was looking at her and thinking “Wow, I’m really full”.

As I walked away from the bed, I heard what I can only describe as the sound of a small wave crashing against the shore. The shore, in this case, was Kate’s face, hair, pillow, and a good portion of her side of the bed. The wave consisted of a quantity of baby puke that we, until this point, did not think could possibly come out of a person that small.

Kate managed to sputter out some sort of appropriately shocked reaction. I fetched a towel to help her clean herself up, while expressing the appropriate level of concern for our vomiting baby. What I really wanted to do was laugh, because it was pretty freaking funny. Mostly because it wasn’t me on the receiving end of the vomit wave. Is that wrong?

7 thoughts on “Baby Puke: Always a Fun Way to Start the Day

  1. For the record, Pat did NOT clean me up with the towel. He cleaned up the bed and left me to fend for myself!

  2. bad pat for making kate clean herself up!!!

    but i’m not gonna lie…the story is kinda funny… 🙂

    and ps–why do i suddenly need to prove that i can copy random assortments of letters to post a comment???

  3. Ever since I got hit with a piece of comment-spam advertising porn I decided to enable the word-verification for posting comments. Sad, I know.

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Spammers should be dragged out into the street and shot. I think we need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy here. 😉

  4. Ah yes. I like to refer to those as “volcanic poos”. Someday I will and humiliate my little brother and regail the world with the story of my very first volcanic poo.

    But I might just save it for his wedding day or some other similarly inappropriate time.

  5. That is pretty funny…having not been puked on myself. I think I would have laughed first though. But I was pooped on by the little poop machine. (And, no, Erinn didn’t help clean me up). The magnitude of the poop sound relative to the size of the kid was amazing! And adult would ahve launched himself into orbit!

  6. Speaking as one who’s been on the receiving end of a Tidal Barf, I still think it’s pretty dang funny. Maybe it’s just because now I’m not the only one who gets to be laughed at for my misfortune. And now a comment only appreciable by the initiated: I really would have thought barf-in-the-eye would have burned more than it did. Weird, eh?

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