Not Usually a Meme Fan

But I’ll be a good sport, since both Anna and Jackie tagged me for this one:

Four jobs I’ve had:

  • Locksmith grunt (this was super fun)
  • General Office Grunt @ American Red Cross (via Temp Agency)
  • General Office Grunt @ World Bank (via Temp Agency)
  • Web Author/Technical Writer @ current employer

Four movies I can watch over and over:

  • Princess Bride
  • Anything by Pixar
  • Father of the Bride
  • The Fifth Element

Four books I could read over and over:

Four TV shows I love:

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • 24
  • Lost
  • Good Eats (can’t watch anymore – no cable) 🙁

Four places I’ve lived:

  • Springfield, VA
  • Faifax, VA
  • Vienna, VA
  • Blacksburg, VA

Four places I’ve vacationed:

Four of my favorite dishes:

  • Salmon
  • Chicken Caserole (Mom’s recipe)
  • Kate’s Sauce & Pasta
  • Steak (Medium, please)

Four sites I visit daily:

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • US Virgin Islands (Specifically St. John)
  • Somewhere in Colorado (Learning to Ski)
  • London (Visiting Jackie & Jon)
  • Alaska or Australia (yeah, that’s cheating, I know)

Four people I am tagging:

1 thought on “Not Usually a Meme Fan

  1. yeah for doing the meme and for wanting to come visit us!!!! now all you have to do is pack your bags… 😀

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