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One thing I love about Netflix (and the Internet in general), is that it is a wonderful supplement to my limited capacity to remember movies I want to see. If I see a movie that I’m interested in, I can simply add it to the bottom of my queue, and then delete it later if I change my mind. I want to find the same sort of thing for books. I’m not really interested in a Netflix-esque service for books, as I can just pick up most of what I want at my local library (it doesn’t have the feature I’m looking for on their Web site – I checked).

Has anybody out there (possibly the librarian?) stumbled across this sort of thing?

7 thoughts on “Book Queues

  1. i don’t use netflix, but the closest thing i can think of for books is the wishlist you can create in amazon–i’ve used this before to keep track of books i want…only you have to add and remove the books yourself (i don’t know if netflix is different)…or i try to keep a running list on a file on my computer…

  2. also, how come at the top of your page it always tells me that the 8 thumbnails are the “seven most recent photos” on flickr???

  3. There’s a longwinded explanation having to do with tweaking the design and seeing how many pictures fit, etc. But the short of it is. . . my proofreading sucks? 🙂

  4. well, i still love seeing little tiny simons across the top of your screen anyway 😀

  5. I also use my Amazon wishlist for this purpose. It serves dual purpose – when people want to know what to get me…they go there. And when I want to know what to get out of the library, I go check out my list and then delete it. Sometimes technology is great! 🙂

  6. Me, too. I use my wishlist for my book-wanna-read queue. And … GO NETFLIX! 🙂

  7. Librarian back from vacation and reporting for duty, sir!

    Amazon wishlists are a good idea, but I also like LibraryThing since it lets you tag like Flickr (and we all know you’re a Flickr pro!)

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