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Earlier this week, I was charged with the task of putting Simon to sleep. I, unlike Kate, cannot rely on certain tried-and-true methods. Rather, I have to resort to walking, rocking, singing, patting, and the like. On this particular night, I was giving singing a try. I’m no Pavarotti, but I’m not tone-deaf, either. So I busted out a couple of lullabye-esque songs and rocked Simon while I sang to him. I got the following result:

Sleepy dog

I guess music really does calm the savage beast. Simon, on the other hand, put up a valiant fight. The little guy was obviously tired, and it was really amusing to watch his eyes close most of the way, only to open again a moment later. Eventually he gave up and became a limp little puddle of baby in my lap. Nothing is cuter than a sleeping baby (sorry Casey).

2 Responses to “Singing Simon to Sleep”

  • Kevin
    12:26 PM

    nice 🙂 Music tames the wild beast…

  • Ken
    9:29 AM

    Cute picture. You put Casey to sleep faster than Simon? 🙂

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