A Dubious Invention, At Best

Pee-pee Tepee!During the course of any given day, I invariably find myself thinking “hey, I should blog this”. Inevitably, when I find a moment at home to sit down and blog, I end up drawing a complete blank on those items which previously seemed to be such good fodder for the blog. So, in an effort to provide you, the Music-Slave.com blog-reading public, with more frequent and more interesting updates, I’ve started a list. The list contains several items that I stumbled upon recently that would make for good blog topics. At least, they interest me. That doesn’t necessarily equate to them interesting you, but I suppose that’s part of the appeal of this inherently self-centered medium.

Anyway, so I’ve got this list. Of stuff. That you may or may not be interested in. This post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of the items on that list. Oh well. Such is life. You’ll have to wait until another day to find out what’s on the the list. The topic of this post comes from a link that Laura sent me over a week ago. It is, get ready for it, the Pee-pee tepee. Yeah, you read that right. The Pee-pee tepee.

Changing boy babies, as I have found, is often an adventure. I’ve heard stories of me zapping my dad in the face within days of my own birth. The cold air hits the nethers and it’s just natural for baby boy to let ‘er rip in whatever direction Mr. Weewee (yes, I just said ‘Mr. Weewee’) is aiming. If you will allow me a moment of fatherly pride, Simon has managed to hit our stove from kitchen sink during one of his very first baths. But I digress. The Pee-pee tepee is a re-usable cloth tepee designed to shield the rest of the world from unfortunate diaper-changing incidents such as these.

While enormously amusing, I question it’s effectiveness. Kate and I use a washcloth for the same purpose, and to great effect. However, Simon likes to squirm, as babies are apt to do, and even the washcloth requires the occasional repositioning. I can imagine that the pee-pee tepee wouldn’t stay put for any appreciable length of time. Not to mention that if the kid has any velocity, he might put your eye out. So if you have a baby boy and income to burn, feel free to purchase this must-have item. Just make sure you wear your lab goggles.

2 thoughts on “A Dubious Invention, At Best

  1. I’m kinda scared of your stove and the prepared foods that come off it. Your son is able to aim for the stove (and hit it) from the sink??

    Invest in a splash guard…

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