I Give You: Peter Across the Street

Peter Across the StreetPeter is the brother of my brother’s friend, Patrick. He lives across the street from my family. Peter is, dare I say, a big fan of my and Kate’s blogs. At least, I presume that he must be, because he will occasionally berate me for not posting cute Simon pictures.

Peter and his mother, cleverly known as “Peter Across the Street’s Mom”, will also make infrequent appearances in our comments, which is always a pleasant surprise. Given their minor celebrity status, I thought it might please all the (3) readers of this blog to see the cuteness that is Peter Across the street. Did I say “cuteness”? Of course I meant “dashingly handsomeness”.

The quality of the picture is terrible, unfortunately, because I think my scanner is all dusty, but it’ll have to do. And speaking of photos, Kate uploaded more cute pictures of Simon to our photostream. Check out the cuteness.

3 thoughts on “I Give You: Peter Across the Street

  1. Wow! My son is a blog feature. What more could a mother hope for??

    Merry Christmas!
    Peter From Across the Street’s Mom

    P.S. You made his day!!!

  2. 4 days later, Pat… and only 1 comment?

    It’s a great post and even better picture, it just doesn’t leave much room for comments. Maybe if you went “Weekly World News” on us and had articles like “I give you: Batboy lives next door!”

    Actually… that’s not such a bad idea. My neighbor next door hasn’t mowed his lawn all year. Vicky and I have joked about seeing lions moving amongst the grasses. Maybe I can title today’s post “The Safari Next Door”?

    Oh… yeah, cute kid. Hello Peter-across-the-Street and Peter-across-the-Street’s-Mom. 🙂

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