So Frustrated!

In keeping with Kate’s theme for the day (frustration), I am posting my frustration of the day. Our home computer, which we have had for a little over a year, has been dead since last Wednesday. It is currently un-bootable, and we’ve been using my old computer as a back up (glad I saved it).

So tonight is “save-the-computer” night. I’m not exactly sure what happened (virus, worm, faulty hard-drive, etc), but I have a couple of ideas of how I might salvage the data on the disk, but I might be relying on those who are more technically savy than me (like him or him). Part of me is actually looking forward to this as a learning experience. How sick is that?

Of course, the other part of me is petrified that I’m going to lose a lot of data from the past year. If only I had signed up for Flickr and backed up all my pictures earlier! Dah!!

4 thoughts on “So Frustrated!

  1. And I was hoping tonight would be “put-up-the-ornaments” night

  2. Nah, it’ll boot (kind of). Hangs on the windows splash screen, and won’t allow me to boot to safe-mode either.

    I repaired the windows installation with medium-success tonight, and was able to boot up and burn a couple of DVDs with pictures, documents, music, etc. However, some of the folders (less than 5%, I would estimate) in the photos directory were corrupt, so we definitely lost some stuff there. 🙁

    I’m running a virus scan currently (the only reason I’m still up), and it looks like I’ve been Trojaned. Damn hackers.

  3. It isn’t a Dell is it? Won’t boot or just plain won’t turn on? My power supply to my desktop bit it a few weeks ago – odd symptoms up to that point and then *poof* just won’t turn on. It was either the PSU or the mobo – I took the easier option first and luckily I was right! Good Luck!

  4. Ouch.At least you were able to save some stuff. I’m looking forward to a full post-mortem report on this trojan!

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