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Cute Boy!I recently added a Flickr badge to the right sidebar. I discovered Flickr, and have found it to be the most user-friendly photo-sharing software on the Web. I’m a big fan of the application.

I’ve been particularly happy with the ability to mark photos as available to the general public, as we have folks who want to see little Simon for whom registering with a Web site is. . .difficult. Even if we didn’t have technically-challenged friends and family, I’m all about applications giving you the ability to customize to your heart’s content. For those who want to keep photos private, you can limit who sees them by indicating that other Flickr users are family or friends.

The ability to share photos is only one of the many features that I like about Flickr. The ability to add tags, comments, and notes (which are different from comments) to photos, as well as easy upload tools, and the ability to order prints online (and pick them up at a local Target, if you so wish!) are all features that draw me to the service.

I’m currently only using the free Flickr offering, but I’m considering upgrading. I want feedback from anybody who is currently a Flickr Pro user. Is it worth the upgrade? It seems like it might be worth it for the increase in bandwidth alone. Oh and for those people who recommended another tool, I looked into it and just wasn’t as happy with the interface.

So check out Flickr when you get a chance, and upload your photos!

10 thoughts on “Flickr – Great Photo Sharing Tool

  1. Doh! Lou Ann, I meant to say “thank you for the recommendation but. . .”, and somehow it didn’t get in the first time. 🙁

  2. The pro version is great, I think the non-pro version limits you to 3 sets.

    The other thing I like is that flickr lets you choose “friends,” and it also has an API that lets you access your flickr photos from your website (I’m using it for my “latest photo” box on my own website).

    The lack of a bandwidth limitation (it’s 2GB, which essentially means no limitation) allows you to upload the original photos.

  3. Oh and thanks for the compliment, MEB. You have no idea how hard it was to get that shot (he just started smiling recently, and this was the first successful picture with him doing so). SO hard!

  4. i haven’t looked at the other pics…but that pic on the blog is adorable!

  5. My nephew is the CUTEST EVER!! When did you guys capture the first photographed smile?? Kate and I were just talking about how it’s been impossible to get the little goober to pose appropriately. I love love love love Simon. Can’t wait til he can hold a frisbee…

  6. It’s only sort of a smile. That’s not a real smile. It’s a smirk. I want a SMILE!

  7. Totally worth the upgrade, for unlimited storage alone… We’ve now “backed up” most (over 2000) of our pics since…since the rise of digital. …And it’s so cheap…$2 a month? That’s less than a double shot at starbucks…

    I used to use Shutterfly also, but as I recall, you can’t re-download your originals, so it’s mostly only good for designing cool projects and getting prints. (I will still use it to make calendars, etc…)

    But for storing and showing off pics, Flickr is the way to go!!

    Also, Simon is a super-cutie! 🙂

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