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Serenity Movie TicketI’ve plugged and plugged the movie Serenity to the point where some people have questioned whether I’m being paid to do so. Simon chose the exact day that we were planning on seeing it to make his debut appearance, so it has naturally been on the backburner for a while.

Yesterday we braved the movie theatre with a baby. So Simon saw (or at least slept through) his first movie! We intentionally chose the 1:30PM showing in the hopes that there would be very few people there. We were lucky enough to have the entire theatre to ourselves for the first two-thirds of the movie. At that point some random creepy man showed up. Who pops in to watch the last third of a movie? What’s that about?

So on to the movie. The following could be considered a bit spoilery, so don’t read it if you want to see the movie without knowing ANYTHING. Despite a weak beginning, I thought the movie was very good. Once it got rolling, Serenity was quite fun. The strength of the show (Firefly, which Serenity was based on) was always the characters, and I thought that was true of the movie, as well. It’s hard to introduce and get people invested in a cast as large as this one, but I thought Whedon & Co. pulled it off.

The effects were adequate, but not spectacular. In this movie, that wasn’t a problem because the character development and plot really took over the movie. For once, in a science fiction movie, the effects were secondary. They were a means to an end. Very much like the original Star Wars movies. Definitely NOT the “look what I can do with CGI” that the later three became.

I was surprised how well the story worked, and Joss Whedon, NOBODY WAS SURPRISED WHEN YOU KILLED ****. If there’s anybody who doesn’t get too attached to his characters, it’s Whedon. Nobody is safe in a Whedon TV show, and apparently movie.

I’m not certain that Serenity did well enough to justify a sequel, or a return of the series to TV. One can only hope. Regardless, they’ve done an excellent job with the movie that they made. It’s still in theatres and you should go see it if you get a chance. Or if not, put it on your list of movies to see on DVD.

10 thoughts on “Serenity – A Quick Review

  1. Everything is going swimingly! I’m really enjoying my time off with Kate and the baby. The baby is healthy, Kate is well on her way to being back to normal, and we’re sleeping about 5 good hours a night. 🙂

  2. Wow. That was a reserved thumbs up.

    And there has to be a second one. HAS TO. My life will not be complete until Kaylee bites it and Inara and Mal hook up.

    You missed an hour or so power outage today, preceded by about four “power’s off. now it’s on. no, it’s off. no, it’s on” cycles over the past two days. It has been extra exciting.

    Cheryl also asked if I knew how you were doing. Which I don’t, other than you watching Serenity. 🙂

  3. I didn’t say “no special effects”. “Adequate, but not spectacular”. It’s a shame that plot and character development along with solid acting and writing isn’t enough to make you want to see a movie. And, fool, the point is to make it so you DO care about the characters. Who goes into a movie ALREADY caring about the characters. Oh, wait, anybody who watched the show. . . nevermind.

    Of course, I partly think you’re being obstinant just to get a rise out of me. So see it or don’t, no skin off my nose. Just don’t tell me how much it sucked until you actually SEE it.

  4. “philadephia bunnyface” also has the misfortune of corporate servitude at “That Which Shalt Not Be Named?”

    Your review hasn’t changed my opinion, Pat. If anything, I’m now convinced it won’t make my Netflix queue. Weak beginning, character development of characters I don’t care about, and no special effects? Watching “Primer” would be more rewarding for independent film and a “return to science fiction”.

    Sorry, Mr. Whedon. Stick to Buffy and bring back Spike.

  5. I liked Buffy, was ‘meh’ about Angel, and abhorred Firefly. I’m not being obstinant to get a rise out of you… I’m just going to run out and see it, or even add it to my netflix queue, based on a lackluster review or Whedon’s inability to kill off characters who sorely deserve it. 😛

  6. Oh you want to see characters die? Then you should see the movie. . . 🙂

    And for the last time KAYLEE DOESN’T DESERVE TO DIE!! Freaking Kaylee haters. . . 🙂

  7. philadelphia bunnyface does indeed labor at “That Which Shalt Not Be Named”.

    Ken, you really do need to give this movie a chance. I mean, we’re not talking Citizen Kane by any stretch, but it is highly entertaining.

  8. Frankly, I couldn’t possibly care less about reviews and spoilers. (In fact, I don’t even know what “serenity” and “firefly” are…)

    But OH MY GOD, YOU TOOK YOUR BABY TO THE MOVIES. I bow down before all three of you.

  9. Whatever, you took Claire SHOPPING when she was less than a week old! You are the true American Heros. 😉

  10. I took my baby shopping less than a week old (for her daddy’s birthday), and to an Orioles game at less than a month (we scored free tickets), and to a movie at two months (but I only did the movie because Pat did it first). I’m glad Pat isn’t blog-friends with someon at CPS.

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