Simon & Casey Make a Shameless Ad for Something

Simon & Casey Being Super Cute I’m not sure what this would be an advertisement for, but darn it, it would sell. I mean really. A cute dog AND a cute baby? Who can resist that? Shameless? Sure. Effective? Yup. This picture comes from the new set of baby photos on Flickr. I swear that some day this will become my blog again, and not Simon’s.

In all seriousness, Casey has been SO GOOD with the baby. She is super curious about him, and just wants to sniff. Oh, and lick his feet. Casey LOVES licking feet, but she is super-enthusiastic about licking Simon’s. We’re not overly enthused about letting her do this, so after one or two licks, she gets sent to her spot. Naturally, she shoots those puppy-dog how-could-you-ruin-my-fun eyes at us, and we (well, I, at any rate) feel horrible.

She’s also jumped into the “protective dog” role, which is so not like her. She makes a big show of jumping up and barking like a fool whenever somebody knocks on the door, and as soon as they are let in tries to punish them by loving them to death. Yeah, you’re a badass, Casey. Bad. Ass.

Peter, don’t read this. And if you do, don’t tell your mom where you learned that new word.

3 thoughts on “Simon & Casey Make a Shameless Ad for Something

  1. Pat,

    Mom says you need to wash your mouth out with soap. You’re a dad now–you should know better.

    Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you….

    Peter across the street.

    P.S. Simon is very cute.

  2. My sister’s dog does the same thing with my niece. It’s very cute and sweet that they become the protector of the baby as well as welcome the company so they get some attention too!!! Very cute pictures!!!

  3. Pat and Kate, the baby looks real cute. Is he a outfielder or Pitcher? Who is that guy in the picture holding Simon with the New York Yankee shirt? Good Luck with Simon. Say hello to Kate and her mom (grandmom}. Archway Kenny….

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