More People I Know Are Blogging & Updated Reading

I’m just taking a moment to quickly update the links on the right hand side. My coworker and cube-neighbor Laura has moved her blog, and is now taking advantage of Blogger’s wonderful features. She used to use MySpace, which, um, for lack of a better word, sucks. I suppose it’s okay if you’re into the whole social-networking aspect of blogging, but I’m really not.

And we have a new entry into the blogging-fray – Amelia! I know her as “Amy” from my undergraduate years (Go Hokies!), but apparently that is SOOOO 1998, and she goes by Amelia now. Which is cool. It avoids me having to list “Amy” twice in my list of “People I Know”.

In other news, my reading binge has slowed considerably, and I’m in the middle of both Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse Five. Catch 22 has been a STRUGGLE. For some reason I’m just not very interested. So I’ve currently abandoned it several hundred pages in, and am plowing through Slaughterhouse Five. Which is depressing. The Time Traveler’s Wife is next.

5 thoughts on “More People I Know Are Blogging & Updated Reading

  1. Ooooo I need to change Amelia’s name on my site too!

    I actually liked Catch-22 when compared to the other books we had to read in high school. There’s a movie, too. Bob Newhart plays Major Major Major if I remember correctly 🙂

  2. The MySpace account got nuked (by me) about two minutes ago. Good thing you’re ahead of the game with the update.

    Blogger is so much more civilized. 🙂

  3. Hello there. I’m ms. bunnyface’s friend. She is right, this IS much more civilized. Anyway, I plodded my way through yout little booklist from this entry and found that Catch-22 gets more interesting further along in the book. I was surprised that in the later chapters I actually laughed at some of the dialogue and goings-on, since it seemed SO dry in the beginning. Keep at it – it gets better.

    I’m currently poking along at “Life of Pi” and “The Brothers Karamazov” in my infrequent spare time.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Rebecca! We are pretty civil (or boring, depending on how you look at it!) here. And I’m pretty draconian about commenters that fall out of line. Just ask Ken. 😉

    I’m about to finish Slaughterhouse Five, and then I’m headed back to Catch 22. I’ve also got The Time Traveler’s wife sitting on my bedside table. Too many books! Ah!

  5. I think Ms. Rebecca was commenting on the civility of Blogger over MySpace, not necessarily your blog.

    MySpace, LiveJournal, and especially Xanga (*shudder*) are the slums of blogging. Those of us who use Blogger and MoveableType tend to type in complete sentences, use proper grammar, and offer each other scones with our high tea.

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