T-Minus Twenty Two Days and Counting

Casey's the Cute OneWith Kate’s due-date rapidly approaching, I’m getting lots of questions about when the baby is due. While I’m definitely keeping a running count, as the title shows, the real answer is: ANY FREAKING DAY NOW. We’re both unbelievably anxious to meet this little creature that’s been growing inside her for nearly 9 months. We’re also hopeful that this creature is a baby, and if the sonograms are accurate like they tell us, a boy.

I haven’t been posting here as often as I would like (and bloggers all over the world say “and this is unique how?”), and I can’t imagine that I will post MORE often when the baby comes, so this is an attempt to get a couple of items out there while I have the chance.

The first is the obligatory cute picture of Casey (above), which is something that this blog definitely needs more of. Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. So sue me.

Secondly, in this post Kate provided a fun picture of our backyard where we had just planted some flowers, were looking for a way to turn the stump into a birdbath, and the hydrangea hadn’t quite bloomed. The summer has been good to our garden. Perhaps a bit too good. To preserve the suspense, no thumbnails for you.

Finally, in this new jungle of a back yard, I found this pretty fellow, who was just hanging out waiting for a yummy morsel to fly by.

6 thoughts on “T-Minus Twenty Two Days and Counting

  1. ok, the flowers are great…
    but speaking of “things that are not the cutest thing ever”…did you have to put the last picture there???

  2. Hehe… so who here took “Insects and Human Society” at Tech and can say what kind of spider that is?

  3. Actually, no. I have to pick up the crib and dresser from the store tomorrow, and once those are in the room and assembled, we have lots of pictures and junk to hang. So we’re ALMOST ready. 😉

  4. Hey, if Kate goes past her due date, has anyone volunteered to get her a pedicure? If not, I’d like to volunteer! I ask because if a mommy goes past her due date, getting a pedicure is proven, PROVEN I say! to start labor within 48 hours.

  5. Pat said, “ew – feet” when I said that he could give me a pedicure. I think that means that your bid wins ;).

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