Recent Diversions

Kate and I went through a mad period of movie watching during June and July, thanks to Lou Ann, who lent us her Netflix subscription while she was in Europe. It was really nice of her, and we got through several movies we’ve been meaning to see for a while.

Down in the diversions on the sidebar, you can see I’m now reading The Kite Runner, which was a birthday gift from my mother in June. I’m just now getting around to reading it, and so far, it’s really engaging. The DVD of the moment is the first season of LOST, which Kate and I enjoyed immensely last season. Check it out and get caught up in time for the second season!

I also wanted to mention that I have been SO REMISS in updating my links to people I know. Jackie has started writing Live from London, and I’m just now linking to it. I know, I’m a sad, sad, blogger. Also, Ken has made some improvements and migrated to a new domain name, as well. My apologies to these two deserving blogs, and their authors.

Okay, I’m signing off until I have something worthwile to write about. And the peanut gallery can just keep their snarky comments about that last sentence to themselves.

9 thoughts on “Recent Diversions

  1. loved. the. kite. runner.

    i hope you have no problem with literary-enduced depression. it’s very intense, but very good. enjoy.

  2. Don’t worry about not adding Jackie. That’s better than adding her with the WRONG link. But I won’t call out Kevin Wells in a comment like this.

  3. umm…yeah…about that blog….
    you might wanna check your email…i just switched blogs…
    but thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

    i thought kevin’s link to me was fine??? well, till now anyway….

  4. Jackie’s link had a problem if you are using an older browser or have turned off javascript, but it’s fixed now! Of course there is now the situation of jackie’s webpage moving 🙂

  5. Anna’s is fixed? I just tried “Reference Tools and Toys” and “Learn a New Google Trick” and both links are dead. 🙁 I LOVE her reference tools and toys!! I miss them!

  6. No. My blog is fixed because I added a link to Anna’s in the “people I know”. Anna, if you want to fix your links, make sure your “enable post pages” says “yes” in the Settings -> Archives section. Then republish your whole site. That should fix it.

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