Say it Ain’t So, Raffy!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Rafael Palmeiro is due to serve a 10 game suspension after testing positive for steroids. Unfortunately, I really don’t have a lot to say on this.

Palmeiro’s response today said that he has “never intentionally” used steroids. There are any number of reporters and pundits that are writing much more eloquently than can as they lambast Palmeiro. And rightfully so. Let him have it.

As a life-long Orioles fan, I am deeply disappointed in Palmeiro, who I always thought was a terrific role model for kids. Unfortunately this development puts his whole (and until this point impressive) career into question. He has shown himself to be one of two things. He is either a very convincing liar, or colossally stupid. Neither is something you want your kids to become. Well done, Raffy. Well done.

Update: I have heard some speculation that Palmeiro’s medication for type I diabetes may have caused him to test positive – a fact that he doesn’t want to reveal. If this is the case, I wish he would come out and say this, as it would make me take back everything I just wrote. Which is something I desperately would like to do.

3 thoughts on “Say it Ain’t So, Raffy!

  1. Heh. My thought was that this might explain why he needed the viagra in the first place. . . steroids apparently cause problems with. . . that.

  2. My thoughts exactly. As soon as they said he tested positive, I thought, “hmm, I guess that’s why he needed Viagra.” A lot of similarities are being drawn between the way he pointed his finger at Congress and the way Bill Clinton pointed his finger at the camera when he claimed to have never had “relations” with Monica. So, if you’re going to lie to the camera, DON’T POINT YOUR FINGER LIKE RAFAEL AND BILL!!!

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