Dance Party USA – In Kate’s Belly

So up to this point whenever Kate has felt the baby moving and I have tried to feel it, he has promptly stopped. I think I felt the baby move twice over the past month or so. We were hoping that perhaps I have some strange calming effect on the baby. We were also hoping that, come October and beyond, this would translate into nice restful nights courtesy of yours truly.

Alas, it seems it is not to be. Last night around 11PM Kate was trying to go to sleep, and I was trying to read. Baby Campbell was really active, and I rolled over to feel the little tyke doing his thing, fully expecting him to stop. No dice.

That kid had cranked up the techno and was having a full on dance party. It was insane! He was all kinds of kicking and squirming and generally just having a good time. While I’m sure this was annoying for Kate, as she was exhausted and wanted to sleep, I was thrilled.

On an only somewhat-related note, we’ve cleared out the office, and it is currently being painted in preparation for its new life as a nursery. I hope to have most of the painting done by the end of this week. Pictures to follow.

4 thoughts on “Dance Party USA – In Kate’s Belly

  1. Yay for babies dancing!!! Am I the only one who thought of the dancing baby from the late 90’s when Pat posted this? Made popular on Ally McBeal?

  2. Pat, you know what Dancy Party USA was? Ahhhhh how I loved watching that show. I’ll admit it. I heard DPUSA!

  3. I actually thought about the dancing baby too! Sounds like Baby Campbell is enjoying life!

  4. Pat, don’t feel too bad. Same thing happened when Tim tried to feel the baby–and this was after her kicks were strong enough to be seen. Only Tim never seemed to be in the right place at the right time to feel nor see the movements. Now the baby is big enough that instead of quieting down when Dad’s around, he can get her pretty riled up!

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