Photo Stamps from Snapfish

I used to use Snapfish to develop pictures. Since we got our digital camera back in November 2003, I haven’t used them at all. However, I still get junk email from them advertising their services. Normally I just delete them, but I thought the photo-stamps looked particularly cool.

However, they’re way freaking expensive. So nevermind.

4 thoughts on “Photo Stamps from Snapfish

  1. My dad got some of those when they were released the first time! He just thought it was so cool to have his corvette on a stamp. I don’t know how many he got, but he still sends me mail with his corvette stamps! I laughed so hard the first time I got one in the mail….

  2. It’s a cool idea… I’m just not fond of the price tag. Almost all of our banking is online, so what mail we send is usually personal. I can see having personal picture stamps on mail, just not at an extra $10 per sheet of stamps.

    My mom uses for all her stamps. She sends us printed photos of her RV travels around the US, and prints the entire envelope (stamps, addresses, and all) through her printer. She speaks pretty highly of, so I can see her enjoying Snapfish.

  3. I looked into doing those about a year ago, when they were doing the test market for them. Yowza on the cost!! I think I will just stick to the good ole American flag! I wonder how many people are really buying them!

  4. We picked up the “Antique Automobile” stamps back in January or February after we ran out of “American Flag” stamps. I think friends & family are getting Model T’s on any mail from us.

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