Bike & Build – Erin’s Summer Expedition

You’ll recall I recently posted about my sister’s graduation from college. I also mentioned that she’d soon be starting a cross-country bike trip. She’s leaving today from Annapolis, MD, and GOD-WILLING will end up in San Francisco on August 20. My family is flying out to meet her in San Fran, and I will have to make up for my lack of travel-edge by sending her lots of notes along the way.

She’s doing this trip with an organization called Bike & Build, which sponsors several per year. The bikers bike across the country, stopping periodically to perform repairs and construction on run-down and dilapidated homes in need of repair. They’ll stop in Colorado Springs for a week to “blitz build” a house from the ground up. Wow!

I am so excited for my sister, as this sounds like something that will really be an awesome experience. If I could, I’d take 3 months off of work and do it with her. It sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately that’s not a possibility.

Erin has said that she wants to document her trip on a blog of her very own, so she and I sat down on blogger a couple of weeks ago and put one together for her. I anticipate that it will be updated infrequently, if at all. I mean, really. If I had just spent the day biking and building, I think that posting to my blog might be very low on my priority list. I believe that sleeping would be number one. However, hopefully we’ll see the occasional post from her there. It’s in the links to the right, so check it out occasionally.

Good luck, Erin! We’ll be praying for you daily!

3 thoughts on “Bike & Build – Erin’s Summer Expedition

  1. I think that is 2002 or 2003. It was the out-west trip I didn’t go on (the one I did go on was in 2001). I’ll have to ask my family.

  2. Do you guys talk to each other … I mean, out loud? Or are you reduced to communicating via comments on blogs???

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