PHC at Wolf Trap & Memorial Day Festivities

Last Friday, Kate and I went and saw A Prairie Home Companion at Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts (see it from the sky on Google Maps). It was quite a show. The weather was beautiful, the picnic packaged by Kate was yummy, and the entertainment was enjoyable.

There were several musical guests, two of which I really enjoyed. Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver did a couple of bluegrass numbers. Who knew I liked bluegrass? You can download some songs from various albums from the Discography section of their Web site. I highly recommend “Heartbreak Number Nine” from the album You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper.

We also saw Mari and Håkon Samuelsen, who are an enormously talented brother-sister duo hailing from Norway. They play the violin and cello, respectively, and performed several pieces. You can hear an arrangement of a Handel piece on their Web site, and “Mountain Vision” on the recording of Saturday’s PHC show, if you’re interested. I must say though, while these pieces are good online, watching and listening to these two do their thing live was UNBELIEVABLE.

We spent Sunday at Great Falls with my family for hiking and picnic (it was packed with people and dogs on what was another beautiful day). To round off the holiday weekend we went over to my parents house for a burgers and dogs on Monday night. My grandfather joined us, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. So here’s to our veterans and the sacrifices they made, and to our current troops defending our freedom abroad.

In other news, I felt the baby kick for the first time last week! I think we may have a little Pele on our hands. . .

5 thoughts on “PHC at Wolf Trap & Memorial Day Festivities

  1. Isn’t this a week late? Shouldn’t you blog about the Nationals game you went to last night????

  2. Hey, get off his case. At least he finally blogged again!!!
    Yay for babies kicking!!!

  3. Carrie’s right … at least he finally blogged again … but Kate did allude to the idea that you might blog about the really good Nationals game last night.

  4. holy cow–you are having a baby!!! and it kicked!!! and you may have to drive a minivan 😆

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