An Anniversary Celebration – At the Zoo?

It has been 10 days since I posted, and I feel like an enormous deadbeat. For not posting. On my blog. Actually, that’s kind of sad in a way.

Kate and I spent yesterday at the National Zoo. Our anniversary was on Wednesday, and being the overacheiver that she is, Kate blogged about it. However, due to various scheduling mishaps and other miscellaneous annoyances, we didn’t get to celebrate until yesterday.

I’ve always been a big fan of the zoo, and when Kate expressed interest in going, I was all about it. So we sucked up an early morning on a Saturday and rode in to DC, bright and early. Let me tell you, if you’re going to visit the zoo, bright and early is the way to do it. We arrived just before eight in the morning, and there were so few people there we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. And the animals were active! They’re not kidding when they say that the animals at the zoo are more active during the morning and evening.

We even got to see this little fellow. He’s a capybara. He’s in the rodent family, so he looks kind of like an enormous rat. Yuck.

I got tons of pictures, but won’t post them all here, because I’m sure there are plenty of giraffe, elephant, cheetah, tiger, etc pictures on the Web. So we combined the morning at the zoo with an Outback dinner out, and called our 3rd anniversary celebrated! That’s 3 down, and lots more to go!

In other news, our chicks are growing way fast, and soon will be flying off into the wild blue yonder. Which is good, because with all the rain and the extra added weight of the larger birds, it seems as though their nest is hanging precariously in the tree. Hopefully they learn to fly before they’re forced to!

5 thoughts on “An Anniversary Celebration – At the Zoo?

  1. I love the zoo!!! It’s so much fun. I actually just put my pictures together from my trip to the san diego zoo. I highly recommend it if you venture out here!! I loved the monkeys and gorillas the best. They are so animated! And I got to see the baby panda. So cute!!! (You know what pandas eat? They eat bamboo…) Glad you had fun!!!!

  2. The capybara is one of my favorites. I used to have tons of pictures I had taken of them and the prairie dogs! (I love prairie dogs, even though most midwesterners consider them a nuisance!)

    It looks like you had a fun trip. I haven’t been to the National Zoo in ages….

  3. I was wondering when one of you would post about the zoo. I’ve been checking and checking your blogs all weekend for it. And, I would love to see the rest of your pictures. Put them in Shutterfly or something and give us a link. 🙂

  4. I am not even kidding you, but I had a NIGHTMARE about 2 weeks ago, about a capybara. It was trying to kill me. When I told Tim, he then went on to make jokes about the Rodents of Unusual Size… or whatever they are called, from the Princess Bride. I even pulled up pics on the computer so that he would know what I was talking about. Had I known you were going to post about one I could have directed him here, albeit a couple of weeks late. Anyway, glad you had a dandy time at the zoo celebrating your anniversary!

  5. I will try to keep my resentment in check, since it was your anniversary celebration and all… but do I have to remind you that I live SPITTING DISTANCE from the zoo? That’s okay, though… you don’t have to call every time you’re in town, since you’re here so often… or not!

    Anyway, I love the zoo in the evening. It’s fun to watch the tigers at feeding time. You want to see active? Tell a big cat he has to wait for dinner. Hee hee.

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