Serenity – Can a Failed TV Show Make a Good Movie?

Mark your calendars for October 7. On that day, the age old question posed above will be answered. Okay, maybe not age-old, but the attempt to do so will certainly be a departure from the recent glut of successful TV show remakes that have made their way to the big screen.

A long time ago, when this blog was in its infancy, I posted about the idiocy of Fox executives when they killed the sci-fi show, Firefly. A bit later, I mentioned in passing how a movie based on that show was currently in production. Now, there is verifiable evidence on the web – in the form of a trailer – that this is actually going to happen. And from the looks of it, Serenity may be pretty darn good.

Originally, this movie was scheduled to be released this spring. Much to Kate’s chagrin (she may not admit it, but she LOVED that show), the release date was pushed back to October 7. At that point we will either have a newborn, or Kate will be BEGGING TO BE INDUCED. I suppose the studio executives at Universal decided that with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars Episode III, and War of the Worlds all being released this spring, a later release date for Serenity was in order. I certainly can’t blame them.

The trailer gives a lot of time to Captain Mal, who, it could be argued, seems a lot like Han Solo reincarnated. This could be looked upon as a bad thing. However, with the recent stink-fest that has been the Star Wars movies, I think a good healthy dose of Han Solo in the science fiction genre may be just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, I am taking it upon myself to firmly plug this movie for anybody who will listen, mostly because I was a huge fan of the series and hope they will make sequels. Oddly enough, it seems studios only make sequels for movies that make money. Go figure. So get out there on October 7 and see Serenity. And for those with broadband, check out the trailer.

6 thoughts on “Serenity – Can a Failed TV Show Make a Good Movie?

  1. I didn’t really read the post, I’ll be honest, because I don’t care. I did skim it and I will say that the release date getting delayed probably is a good thing. Ishtar was released a week before some huge blockbusters (I think Beverly Hills Cop II was one of them) and we see what effect that had on Ishtar’s success.

  2. Pat, I did understand your post. I have seen Firefly, and I too was upset when it got pulled. I will say though, that the format/ character development of the show did strike me as something that would make a better movie than series. Just my two cents.

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