Definition of a Good Time – $0.25 beers

Before I left the house, I was prepared to write a diatribe about how all the cell phone companies and cable companies are out to leech ever last dime out of good natured consumers like me. After dinner and $0.25 beers – yeah, not so much with the caring.

Hard Times Cafe in Herndon had a great deal this evening – half priced burgers, $0.25 beers, $2.50 chili dogs, and $0.25 wings (can you tell it’s their 25th anniversary?). At any rate Kate’s coworkers suggested going there for dinner, so we decided to get a cheap meal. We both ate for $10. It was fabulous.

So yeah, good times. Did I mention $0.25 beers?

7 thoughts on “Definition of a Good Time – $0.25 beers

  1. 25-cent beers? And you’re still coordinated enough to write a blog post? 😉

  2. You’re so lucky to have a pregnant wife, or rather a permanent designated driver!

  3. We don’t have cable. But that’s because the cable companies are ridiculous and charge a small fortune for their service. But I am still supressing the rant.

  4. 25th anniversary celebrations on the 25th of every month!! I thought you guys didn’t have cable…..

  5. And, it so happens that the cable companies have a legislated monopoly on cable service within your jurisdiction … you either have Cox Cable in Fairfax County or you don’t have cable. No option for other companies (Adelphia? Comcast?) … thus no truly competitive pricing. Hmmm…..

  6. I like $.25 beer.

    You could invite me next time. It might buy you some free babysitting 😉

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