Recent Photos:

This week we started learning about Ancient Greece. We learned that slaves have to shave their head! They shouldn’t even have slaves! We also learned about the Greek Alphabet and we wrote some words in Greek. I have made two sentences.

We read a read aloud. It is a historical fiction book called, “The Mark of the Cyclops.” I liked it. I made Greek paper dolls.

I’m not a Yankees fan I just like the hat!

This week we had Harry Potter day. It’s called Harry Potter day because Hogwarts starts on September 1st. We had some harry potter treats:

-butter beer

-Bertie Botts every flavour beans

We also listened to the first Harry Potter book. It took three days! Jimmy got a surprise. It was a Hufflepuff robe. He really likes it. We played a Harry Potter game. Simon quit in the middle of the game. It was really fun!

Mommy, Jimmy and I started homeschool this week! I am doing measurement in math. I made a ruler out of Lucy thumbs. There are 13 of them!

We play games a lot. We also got a new game. It’s called: Miss Bernard is a Wild Card! Jimmy really likes games, especially the new one. We do a daily walk and play games while we walk:

-going on a picnic
-a number between one and a hundred
-I spy

We played going on a picnic today. It was all desserts! It was really fun!

Man has it been a long time since I’ve written! before getting to the point I’m going to have to ramble about a few things to get you up to date . . .

  1. Because school is going all virtual this year, it has been decided that instead of trying to deal with virtual school, Jimmy and Lucy will instead home school with Mommy as their teacher . Technically she does have a teaching degree. Even though it’s expired and isn’t for elementary school. Not that a parent that doesn’t have a teaching degree can’t home school. Lucy is quite enthusiastic at the prospect. In fact, she has been thrilled at the very idea of homeschooling for quite some time.
  2. I’m on the fence with my inner virtual school vs. home school debate. Instead of choosing now, I’m going to try out virtual school, see what it’s like, then decide between the two.
  3. If we are going to do homeschooling at all why not get into the mindset and roomset (I don’t think that’s a word . . .) now, and and have some fun while we’re at it . . .

So to get into the proper mindset and roomset, we bought a 4 by 8 whiteboard surface from Lowe’s, then Daddy cut it into 2 large pieces (3 by 6 and 2 by 3) then used the rest to make small individual whiteboards that are soon to be bordered with a variety of different colored electrical tape that has, unfortunately, not come in from Amazon yet. The Big Boards have limitless possibilities.

Bizarre games of Tic-Tac-Toe

We rearranged some furniture to create a miniature school space, where we hung both whiteboards, brought up a shelf for math manipulatives, library books, notebooks, expo markers, and other school supplies. There will be a table there soon-ish, but it is not there yet, meanwhile we are having endless fun with our new toy, the Big Boards. Most notably, Daddy and I played an unusual game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

To-Do lists

While these boards are fun I think as we enter the school season we will begin seeing the more practical side of them, as that is what they were installed for.

Random math fun

These boards are great for math, as you can easily erase and replace parts of a problem, and you have plenty of space to do it on.

Quote of the Day

However one of the best possibilities of these boards are being surprised by little notes from Daddy that he has put in the morning (and hopefully now that I’ve written it down as one of the best parts he’ll do it more . . . ) and little daily inspiration in the form of a Quote Of The Day, put up by your truly: Me!

I hoped you enjoyed hearing about the delight these boards have brought to us, and come back for more Campbell Family Newsletter!

So it sure has been long since I posted, but I’m back!! This year the Campbell family (*Cough Cough mostly mommy Cough Cough*) started growing Zucchinis and Pickling Cucumbers in the garden squares we have out back. The Cucumbers taste just fine on there own, but where they really shine is as cold, flavorful pickles. Daddy started making a flavor of his own, then the two of us collaborated on the next one Those came out so well (according to Simon, Daddy, and Me. No one else really eats them) That I couldn’t resist experimenting with flavors, using a variety of spices from out spice cabinet, combinations of fresh herbs from outside, and using different types of vinegar in the brine. (even mixtures of different types of vinegar). Since the first batch we have had herby, garlicky batches, as well as batches with a little kick to them. So far we have only had savory pickles, as we tend to prefer them to sweet ones, but I’m thinking about creating a sort of sweet/sour ones, just to experiment. I personally love pickles, so this is REALLY FUN and I intend to keep doing it until we run out of cucumbers, and let me tel you there are a LOT of baby cucumbers out there, and we have a lot of spices to experiment with. Well that’s it!!

Mary here! Well, that cupcake experiment was quite interesting! Also delicious, wonderful and just plain awesome. They ended up looking like a cookies and cream cupcake with a yellowish white icing. They tasted like vanilla and chocolate and lemon put together in a wonderful way. I think we put a little too much icing on and made that aspect overpowering, but most everyone else thought that they were perfect.

Jimmy said: the icing was a little too sweet but the cupcakes good. Lucy said: I liked the icing but the cupcake tasted kind of weird

Mary here! after a week of spring break we were back on track starting virtual learning! Well . . . for a little while. we had exactly, -how many was it? oh right- 1 day of virtual learning before the county was like “bla bla bla technology is awful no more for THE REST OF THE WEEK!!” Fast forwards to Monday, and we were trying again. BUT we had to get to the platform in a really complicated long way that was really laggy, and I couldn’t get on. and now there is “no more face-to-face virtual learning until your teachers tell you what to do”. so yeah. but that’s not what I came to talk about, I came to talk about the highlight of yesterday . . . CUPCAKES!!

The AAP instructor at our school sent out “critical and creative thinking activities” or, you know: Fun Things To Do. Well, one of them was to create your own cupcake flavor and to write of draw about it. Jimmy did this and made the flavor “Brownie Cake-Batter With Lemon Frosting”. So my mom looked at his drawing and said “you know what? I’m a crazy person, so we are going to make these cupcakes!” so she asked Jimmy how, and basically this is what he said: we need to put the brownie crumbs in the cupcakes, and then you put the lemon frosting on top.

So, before we make these cupcakes, we had to make the Brownies to make brownie crumbs to put in the cupcake batter. So we made Super-Duper Awesome Brownies to put in the cupcakes. But the thing is . . . you don’t really need that much brownie crumbs to make 6 cupcakes, so only 4 of the brownies are for the cupcakes, the rest are just for eating. Tomorrow we are making the cupcakes themselves. See you then! (hopefully)